About me and this blog

I am a computer and software engineer, passionate about computers since the age of 14, when my sister bought a Commodore 64 for her to work and for me to play with.

Now I work for a big corporation and keep on enjoying playing with computers. I am also a fantastic guitar player and a lover of nature.

With this blog I will try to keep track of what I do regarding computers, electronics, music, in order to help others in the way. I’ll try to update this blog once a week at least, if you have ideas for new posts or questions related to the topics of this blog please don’t hesitate and let me know through comments.


2 thoughts on “About me and this blog”

  1. Hi,

    I had a question regarding the “Links” page on your website. Are you accepting suggestions for the page?

    If you are, I would like to suggest adding Maker Pro under the “PCB’s and kits:” header. They are an active, open source platform for maker projects much like Hack A Day. These projects are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more. And better yet, the content is completely user generated. Here is the URL for their website if you would like to have a look:


    Let me know what you think of this suggestion or if you need any additional information!



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