POP: noise reduced and schematics uploaded

After cabling audio internally with shielded wires, and solving a grounding problem in the input jack, noise has been reduced drastically when working from battery. There is still an annoying computing noise when connected to an external 9V power supply. I am going to put a removable ferrite bead, still waiting for the parcel to arrive.

I have also finished schematics for the project, that have been uploaded to https://www.hackster.io/manolonte/pop-programmable-open-pedal-9acddf



Next steps:

  • Trying with ferrite bead
  • Adjusting output volume, too high right now
  • Giving a function to second switch, maybe fast reset for changing mode quickly
  • Reducing latency
  • Creating new effects: some ideas:
    • dubbler
    • auto-ovation: just for fun, when you stop playing, simulate an audience ovation, just like in  “Blues Deluxe”, from Jeff Beck Group
    • tremolo, phaser, etc.

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