xbmc stops working after raspbian upgrade

The precompiled binary works!

At first the screen appeared zoomed, but I read this post in Michael Gorven page:

11.0~git20121018.ff434fe-1: Upgrading to this version will probably result in the GUI resolution being zoomed as described in this forum post. To fix this edit userdata/guisettings.xml and remove the contents of the <resolutions> element.

Thanks, Michael!


Projects for Raspberry Pi

I have several projects for my next computer (Raspberry Pi):

– DLNA server for my living room. I already have an OpenSuSE based DLNA server, but it is a x86 PC that consumes a lot of power, and electricity is getting higher everyday, so I need a greener thing. I think Raspberry Pi will have enough speed to serve files through DLNA.

– Web browser connected to the TV set, so I can rent movies or browse YouTube. This is very ambitious from a computing power point of view, because of the 700MHz of the Raspberry Pi. I’ve heard of overclocking and warranty voiding…

– Ultragreen web server connected all day long.

– Irrigation controller, using the GPIO as an input/output interface to moisture sensors, relays, etc, so I can have all my plants happy all along the year.

If I only had more time…