Linux on AIRIS Kira N7000

Yesterday I installed Linux (a distribution called Kirbian, excellent job by these guys:, thanks!!! ) on a AIRIS Kira N7000, an arm based netbook.

Just to help anyone who wants to do the same, I managed to make Wikidpad work on this device. The original wxPython library did not work in this hardware, it threw an “illegal instruction” exception, but after compiling the library on the device, it worked perfectly. Even with 256MB of RAM, it is perfectly suitable for my purposes.

I would like to have Dropbox in the device, but there is still no dropbox for arm. If you are a dropbox user, you can vote for this development in:, as I mentioned in my previous post.

So I installed btsync in both my laptop and kira, and will synchronize Dropbox between them, until there is some arm support from dropbox…