Samsung EVO 16GB MB-MP16D micro-SD card corrupted on Raspberry Pi 2 model B

Yesterday, and today again, the micro-SD card got corrupted after a session of normal functioning and a shutdown or reboot. Root filesystem was formatted as ext4. After reading these sites:


I decided it was time to test f2fs filesystem with Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 2.

Migrating was easy, just format the partition as f2fs on Linux (you need f2fs-tools), and then copy the files with tar. There is no fsck.f2fs for Raspbian yet, but you can download the deb package from Follow the instructions on the 1st link above in order to changes the root filesystem expected by kernel at boot (change it in cmdline.txt) and change filesystem in /etc/fstab as well.

Raspberry booted a while ago two times with this new configuration. I have just upgraded it and will give it a try for the whole day.


3 thoughts on “Samsung EVO 16GB MB-MP16D micro-SD card corrupted on Raspberry Pi 2 model B”

    1. Sadly, yesterday the card died. Raspbian didn’t boot, just got stuck in “Starting MTA:”, and after some research I got to the conclusion that the card was dead. From my laptop, I wasn’t able to write. You could mount the filesystem, write some data apparently, but after unmounting and mounting, the new data disappeared. Today I bought a 16GB Sony SR-16UYA, restored the data from an old backup (I didn’t trust current data on Samsung card) and now I am updating the OS. It seems to be working properly.

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