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Samsung EVO 16GB MB-MP16D micro-SD card corrupted on Raspberry Pi 2 model B

Yesterday, and today again, the micro-SD card got corrupted after a session of normal functioning and a shutdown or reboot. Root filesystem was formatted as ext4. After reading these sites:

  1. http://www.vanheusden.com/misc/rpi.php
  2. http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=25703

I decided it was time to test f2fs filesystem with Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 2.

Migrating was easy, just format the partition as f2fs on Linux (you need f2fs-tools), and then copy the files with tar. There is no fsck.f2fs for Raspbian yet, but you can download the deb package from https://packages.debian.org/sid/armhf/f2fs-tools/download. Follow the instructions on the 1st link above in order to changes the root filesystem expected by kernel at boot (change it in cmdline.txt) and change filesystem in /etc/fstab as well.

Raspberry booted a while ago two times with this new configuration. I have just upgraded it and will give it a try for the whole day.


3 thoughts on “Samsung EVO 16GB MB-MP16D micro-SD card corrupted on Raspberry Pi 2 model B

    1. Sadly, yesterday the card died. Raspbian didn’t boot, just got stuck in “Starting MTA:”, and after some research I got to the conclusion that the card was dead. From my laptop, I wasn’t able to write. You could mount the filesystem, write some data apparently, but after unmounting and mounting, the new data disappeared. Today I bought a 16GB Sony SR-16UYA, restored the data from an old backup (I didn’t trust current data on Samsung card) and now I am updating the OS. It seems to be working properly.


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